2018/19 Season

During the closing concert of our 40th anniversary season "Worth a Repeat", Director James Hawn provided a sneak peek of our 41st season.

Season's tickets are now available online and by mail. As always, the first concert of the season honours Remembrance Day - and this year falls on the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day 1918. Online and mail order options are available at https://saskatoonchambersingers.ca/season

Here are James' notes about the coming season.

The November concert will be somewhat different again as the major work is a forty-minute piece called Crimson Stain, written by Vancouver composer Larry Nickel. It was written a year ago for the Halifax Camerata Singers to commemorate the battle of Passchendale, so it seems only fitting that we should perform it on the 100th anniversary of the ending of World War I; hence the concert title Armistice.  The opening piece on that concert is called Armistice 1918—Everyone Sang.

The December concert called Starry, Starry Night will use the stars and a cloudless sky as the theme and will incorporate new works as well as more traditional works that are heard around that time of year to celebrate the season.  It’s amazing how many pieces you can find that make use of the word “star”.

Voices of Earth is the title of the March concert and will feature pieces that celebrate the world around us and give appreciation to it for all that it has given to us.  The two main pieces on that concert will be The Promise of Living by Aaron Copland and a set of three pieces by Canadian composer Stephen Chatman called Voices of Earth.

The May concert, which will be on Mother’s Day next year, is called Inscriptions, and will feature a combination of works, some of which have had an indelible impression on meAlthough not completely programmed I hope to include the Poulenc Mass in G, Inscriptions from the Catacombs (Norman Lockwood) and a set of three psalms for women’s voices by Canadian composer Srul Irving Glick along with a Salve Regina by Alessandro Scarlatti for two violins, cello and harpsichord.