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Adams, LydiaChristmas PrayerSATBsacreddetails
Ames, Jeffrey L.In RemembranceSATBsacreddetails
Armstrong, MatthewElegy for DachauSSATBB (acap)sacreddetails
Ashe, BrendanFor the FallenSATBsacreddetails
Bach, J. S.; arr. Wilhousky, PeteO Rejoice Ye Christians LoudlySATB (acap)sacreddetails
Bach, J.S.Jesu, Joy of Man's DesiringSATBsacreddetails
Bach, J.S.Von Himmel HochSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Beck, John NessThe God of Abraham PraiseSATBsacreddetails
Beck, John NesssPsalm 46SATBsacreddetails
Bevan, AllanAve MariaSA (SS solos)sacreddetails
Bevan, AllanGentle Mary Laid Her ChildSATBsacreddetails
Bevan, AllanHide Thy FaceSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Biebl, FranzAve MariaSAATTBB (acap)sacreddetails
Blow, JohnI Will Praise the Name of GodSATBsacreddetails
Bouman, PaulPeace I Leave With YouSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Boyle, PatrickNon Nobis DomineSATBsacreddetails
Brahms, JohannesBegrabnisgesangSATBsacreddetails
Brahms, JohannesO Heiland Reiss die Himmel AufSATB (acap_sacreddetails
Britten, BenjaminA Ceremony of CarolsSATBsacreddetails
Bryd, WilliamNe IrascarisSATTB (acap)sacreddetails
Busto, JavierHodie Christus Natus EsstSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Carrillo, Cesar AlejandroO Magnum MysteriumSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Casals, PabloNigra SumSSAsacreddetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)Angels We Have Heard On High (CN)SSATBBsacreddetails
Chatman, StephenAs I Lay Upon a Night (CN)SSAATBBsacreddetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (CN)SATBsacreddetails
Chatman, StephenChristmas Lullaby, A (CN)SATB (acap)sacreddetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)First Noel, The (CN)SSATB (S solo)sacreddetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)Huron Carol, The (CN)SATB (SB soli)sacreddetails
Chilcott, BobCanticles of LightSATB (a cap), unison upper voice choirsacreddetails
Chorbajian, JohnMy GiftTTBB (acap)sacreddetails
Clausen, ReneTonight Eternity AloneSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Convery, RobertLamb, TheSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Copland, AaronHave Mercy On Us, O LordSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Copland, AaronHelp Us, O LordSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Copland, AaronSing Ye Praises to Our KingSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Copland, AaronThou, O Jehovah, Abideth ForeverSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Council, TomPrayer for PeaceSATBsacreddetails
Daley, Eleanor Easter Alleluia, AnSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorCanticle to the SpiritSSAsacreddetails
Daley, EleanorDrop, Drop, Slow TearsSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorGabriel's MessageSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorI Was GladSATBsacreddetails
Daley, EleanorJesus Christ the Apple TreeSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorMy Master From a Garden RoseSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorMy Soul Is Exceeding SorrowfulSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorO How AmiableSATBsacreddetails
Daley, EleanorO Lord, Support UsSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorO Vos OmnesSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorRequiemSATBsacreddetails
Daley, EleanorThis Blessed Christmas NightSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorTristis est Anima MeaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorUpon Your HeartSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Daley, EleanorWorld's Desire, TheSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Di Lasso, OrlandoSurrexit pastor bonusSSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Dickau, DavidWhat Sweeter Music Can We Bring?SATB (acap)sacreddetails
Diestro, Agripino V.AllelujaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Durufle, MauriceTantum ErgoSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Durufle, MauriceTota pulchra esSSA (acap)sacreddetails
Durufle, MauriceTu es PetrusSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Durufle, MauriceUbi CaritasSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Elgar, Edward; arr. Cameron, JohnLux AeternaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Enns, JeffDa PacemSSAA (acap)sacreddetails
Enns, JeffGod Be In My HeadSATBsacreddetails
Enns, JeffJubilate DeoSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Enns, JeffLitanySATB (acap)sacreddetails
Enns, Leonard (arr.)I Wonder As I WanderSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Enns, LeonardIntroitSATBsacreddetails
Enns, LeonardSunne of Grace, TheSATBsacreddetails
Epp, RodMy Shepherd Will Supply My NeedSATBsacreddetails
Epp, RodMy Shepherd Will Supply My NeedSATBsacreddetails
Farrant, RichardCall to RemembranceSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Faure, GabrielAve VerumSATBsacreddetails
Fetler, DavidIn Peace and Joy I Now DepartSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Franck, CesarO Lord Most HolySATBsacreddetails
French melody; arr. Wolff, Drummond S.The Lord Is King, Lift Up Thy VoiceSATBsacreddetails
Gjeilo, OlaNorthern LightsSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Gjeilo, OlaThe GroundSATBsacreddetails
Gjeilo, OlaUbi CaritasSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Glick Srul IrvingPsalm 23 (The Lord is My Shepherd)SAsacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingAdonai, Adonai (TS)SATBsacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingAvinu Malkeinu (TS)SATBsacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingHaleluyaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingPsalm 23 - The Lord is My ShepherdSATBsacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingRadiant Is the World Soul (TS)SATBsacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingThus Saith the Lord (TS)SATBsacreddetails
Glick, Srul IrvingWhat I Have Learned Is ThisSATBsacreddetails
Grantham, DonaldWe Remember ThemSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Halley, PaulJesu, the Very Thought of TheeSATBsacreddetails
Hanney, CorlynnChristmas AngelSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Hassler; arr. GreysonAgnus DeiSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Hatfield, StephenAmazing GraceSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Henderson, Ruth WatsonBless Us, O GodSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Holman, Derek (arr.)God Rest You Merry, GentlemenSATBsacreddetails
Holman, Derek (arr.)Hark! The Herald Angels SingSATBsacreddetails
Holman, Derek (arr.)Il Est Ne Le Divin EnfantSATBsacreddetails
Holman, Derek (arr.)O Come All Ye FaithfulSATBsacreddetails
Horvit, MichaelEven When God Is SilentSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Hovhaness, AlanO God, Our Help in Ages PastSATBsacreddetails
Hovhaness, AlanWatchman, Tell Uf of the NightSATBsacreddetails
Howells, HerbertAll My Hope on God Is FoundedSATBsacreddetails
Ippolitof-Ivanov, M.Bless Ye the LordSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Jasperse, Greg (arr.)Abide With MeSATB divisi (acap)sacreddetails
Johnson, R.M.On a Clear Winter's EveningSATBsacreddetails
Kent, JamesPater NosterSATB (acap)sacreddetails
King, Robin JohnHuron Carol, TheSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Kodaly, ZoltanAve MariaSSA (acap)sacreddetails
Lang, RupertAgneau de DieuSSATTBB (acap)sacreddetails
Lang, RupertThe KontakionSATBsacreddetails
Lauridsen, MortenO Magnum MysteriumSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Leavitt, JohnOse ShalomSATBsacreddetails
Lewis, BeverlyA Soldier's PrayerSATBsacreddetails
Macdonald, DonThere Is No RoseSATB (acap)sacreddetails
MacIntyre, DavidAlleluiaSSSAA (acap)sacreddetails
MacIntyre, DavidAve MariaSSSAAA (acap)sacreddetails
Martin, Joseph M.Epitaph. TheSATBsacreddetails
Martin, StephanieAve Verum CorpusSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Martin, StephanieKontakionSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Martin, StephanieO Sacrum ConviviumSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Matthias, WilliamLet the People Praise Thee O LordSATBsacreddetails
Mendelssohn, FelisLass', O Herr, mich hilfe findenSATBsacreddetails
Messiaen, OliverO Sacrum Convivium!SATB (acap)sacreddetails
Miskinis, VytautasCantate DominoSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Moe, DanielRequiem MotetSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Mooney, DavidRug Muire Mac do DhiaSSAAsacreddetails
Morlock, JocelynExaudiSATBsacreddetails
Overley, Oscar (arr.)O Come, EmmanuelSATBsacreddetails
PalestrinaTristis est Anima MeaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Parker/Shaw (arr.)Fairest Lord JesusSATBsacreddetails
Parker/Shaw (arr.)Wondrous LoveSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Parry, C.H.H.Dear Lord and Father of MankindSATBsacreddetails
Patriquin, DonaldNunc DimittisSATBsacreddetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)Quelle est cette odeur agreableSSAATBB(acap)sacreddetails
Peters, BarryA Celtic PrayerSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Pote, AllenGod Is Our RefugeSATBsacreddetails
Poulenc, FrancisExulate DeoSATBsacreddetails
Poulenc, FrancisHodie Christus Natus EstSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Purcell, HenryO God, Thou Art My GodSATBsacreddetails
Purcell, HenryThou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets of Our HeartsSATBsacreddetails
Raminsh, ImantMagnificatSATBsacreddetails
Rehinberger, J. G.Mass in F MajorTTBBsacreddetails
Rheinberger, J. G.Mass in G MinorSSAsacreddetails
Roberts, GeordieThis Is the DaySATBsacreddetails
Robinovitch, SidThe Lord is My ShepherdSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Rutter, JohnChoral Fanfare, ASATB (acap)sacreddetails
Rutter, JohnPersonnent HodieSATBsacreddetails
Rutter. JohnAs the Bridegroom to His ChosenSATBsacreddetails
Scarlatti, AlessandroLaetatus SumSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Schroeder, Hermann (arr.)Sing With JoySATB (acap)sacreddetails
Sirett, MarkBalulalowSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Sirett, Mark (arr.)D'ou viens-tu, bergere?SSAsacreddetails
Sirett, MarkPraise to GodSATBsacreddetails
Sirett, MarkThou Shalt Know HimSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Sirett, MarkThou Shalt Know HimSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Sirett, MarkWaye Not His CribbSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Sirett, MarkWilt Thou ForgiveSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Sitton, MichaelThat Most Excellent Gift of CharitySATB (acap)sacreddetails
Smith, StephenThe Last InvocationSATBsacreddetails
Stravinsky, IgorAve MariaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Stroope, Z. RandallInscritpion of HopeSATBsacreddetails
Stroope, Z. RandallOde to JoySATBsacreddetails
Tavener, JohnThe LambSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Thayer, FredAve MariaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Thompson, RandallA Feast of PraiseSATBsacreddetails
Tiefenbach, Peter (arr.)O God Our Help In Ages PastSATBsacreddetails
Tiefenbach, Peter (arr.)Spirit of GodSATBsacreddetails
Togni, PeterAve VerumSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Togni, Peter-AnthonyRequiem et LuxSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Uyeda, LeslieRe-member UsSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Vaugan WilliamsFor All the SaintsSATBsacreddetails
Victoria, Tomas LuisO Vos OmnesSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Victoria, Tomas Luis deAve MariaSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Vivaldi, AntonioIn Memoria Aeterna (Beatus Vir)SATBsacreddetails
Walton, WilliamLitany, ASATB (acap)sacreddetails
Watson-Henderson, RuthThanks Be to God For His SaintsSATBsacreddetails
Wearmouth, GraemeChristmas LullalbySATB (acap)sacreddetails
White, David AshleyDrop, drop, slow tearsSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Wilhousky (arr.)Battle Hymn of the RepublicSATBsacreddetails
Willan, HealeyAve Verum CorpusSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Willan, HealeyBehold, We Go Up to JerusalemSATBsacreddetails
Willan, HealeyLo, In the Appointed TimeSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Willan, HealeyO Sing Unto the Lord a New SongSATBsacreddetails
Willan, HealeySoft Light from a Stable Door, ASATB (acap)sacreddetails
Willcocks, DavidDrop, Drop, Slow TearsSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Wolf, HugoIm Stillen FriedhopSATBsacreddetails
Wright, James KShepherd's NowellSATB (acap)sacreddetails
Young, Robert H.Agnus DeiSATBsacreddetails
Bevan, AllanThere, In That Other WorldSSAAsacred/seculardetails
Halley, PaulWhat Stood Will StandSATB (SB soli)sacred/seculardetails
Hoffman, StanelyGrant Us PeaceSATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Lauridense, MortenO Nata LuxSATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Malcolm, GeorgeVeritas MeaSATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Mechem, KirkeThey That MournSATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Robinovitch, SidAdvent of the Messiah, The (TS)SATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Robinovitch, SidFuneral Oration (TS)SATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Robinovitch, SidOn the Death of a Child (TS)SATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Robinovitch, SidPrayer Before Sleep (TS)SATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Robinovitch, SidSong of Protest (TS)SATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Robinovitch, SidThanksgiving Upon Awakening (TS)SATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Sirett, MarkWhat Sweeter MusicSATB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Surti, MishaalWhen Dawn ShinesTTBB (acap)sacred/seculardetails
Tate, BrianGate GateSATBsacred/seculardetails
Cable, Howard (arr.)Dans Tous Les CantonsSATBsecualrdetails
Poulenc, FrancisMarie (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)secualrdetails
(CN); arr. Chatman, StephenWassailSSAATBseculardetails
Adams, LydiaMi'Kmaq Honour SongSATB (acap)seculardetails
Adsett, KirklandIn Flanders FieldsSATBseculardetails
Aitken, Paul AFlanders FieldsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Alfven, HugoAftonenSATB (acap)seculardetails
Arcadelt, JacobDeh! Dimm' AmorSATB (acap)seculardetails
Arcadelt, JacobIo dico che fra noiSATB (acap)seculardetails
Bach, PDQGood King Kong Looked OutSATB (acap)seculardetails
Bach, PDQO Little Town of HackensackSATB (acap)seculardetails
Bach, PDQThow the Yule Log, Uncle JohnSATB (acap)seculardetails
Baker, Dave; arr. Nickel, LarryRoyal HudsonSATBseculardetails
Berlin, Irving; arr. Brymer, MarkSnowSATBseculardetails
Bevan, AllanEclipse, TheSATB (acap)seculardetails
Bevan, AllanHarp of WildSSAAseculardetails
Bevan, AllanI Got Me FlowersSATB (acap)seculardetails
Bevan, AllanPeaceSATB (acap)seculardetails
Bjerring, PeterCanadian Rhapsody, ASATBseculardetails
Brel, JacquesIf We Only Have LoveSATBseculardetails
Britten, BenjaminBallad of Little Musgrave & Lady Barnard, TheTBBseculardetails
Britten, BenjaminFive Flower Songs: The Succession of the Four SMSATB (acap)seculardetails
Britten, BenjaminFive Flower Songs: Marsh FlowersSATB (acap)seculardetails
Britten, BenjaminFive Flower Songs: The Ballad of Green BroomSATB (acap)seculardetails
Britten, BenjaminFive Flower Songs: The Evening PrimroseSATB (acap)seculardetails
Britten, BenjaminFive Flower Songs: To DaffodilsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Burton, KenSweet Is the MemorySATB (acap)seculardetails
Cable, Howard (arr.)Les RaftsSATBseculardetails
Cable, Howard (arr.)Un Canadian ErrantSATBseculardetails
Carnahan, CraigDuck's Ditty (Toadlibet)SSAseculardetails
Carnahan, CraigIncredible Mr. Toad (Toadlibet)SSAseculardetails
Carnahan, CraigToad's Last Little Song (Toadlibet)SSAseculardetails
Carter, Andrew (arr.)Two For the Price of OneSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.) A la VoletteSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)An Old Man He Courted MeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, StephenHow Sweet and FairSATBseculardetails
Chatman, StephenIn Flanders FieldsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, StephenLet It Be ForgottenSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)Lukey's BoatSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)O Prairie LandSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, StephenRememberSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, StephenRose-cheek'd Laura, ComeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, Stephen (arr.)She's Like the SwallowSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chatman, StephenSong and MusicSATB (acap)seculardetails
Chilcott, Bob (arr.)Londonderry AirSATBseculardetails
Convery, RobertChristmas DaybreakSATB (acap)seculardetails
Convery, RobertEpitaphSATB (acap)seculardetails
Cook, D. F.Ode to NewfoundlandSATBseculardetails
Copland, AaronBoatman, TheSATBseculardetails
Copland, AaronLong Time AgoSATBseculardetails
Daley, EleanorFor the FallenSATBseculardetails
Daley, EleanorIn Flanders FieldsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Daley, EleanorStars are with the Voyager, TheSATBseculardetails
Daley, EleanorThe Cloths of HeavenSSAseculardetails
Daley, EleanorUn Canadian ErrantSSAseculardetails
Debussy, ClaudeDieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder! (TC)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Debussy, ClaudeQuant j'ai ouy le tabourin (TC)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Debussy, ClaudeYver, vous n'estes qu'un villain (TC)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Dickau, DavidAwake, My HeartSATBseculardetails
Dickau, DavidCome, O Come My Life's DelightSATBseculardetails
Dickau, DavidEchoSATBseculardetails
Dickau, David C.If Music Be the Food of LoveSATBseculardetails
Dickau, David C.If Music Be the Food of LoveSATBseculardetails
Emery, MatthewWhen the Sun Comes After RainSATB (acap)seculardetails
Enns, JeffLifeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Enns, Jeff (arr.)She's Like the SwallowSATB (acap)seculardetails
Enns, LeonardSongs of InnocenceSATBseculardetails
Enns, LeonardThree German FolksongsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Ewer, Gary (arr.)Blackbird, TheSATBseculardetails
Faure, GabrielMadrigalSATBseculardetails
Favero, Alberto; arr. Cangiano, LilianaTe Quiero (I Adore You)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Finzi, GeraldMy Spirit Sang All DaySATB (acap)seculardetails
Gardner, Ward (arr.)Bo-PeepSATB (acap)seculardetails
Garrett/Martin/Aschermann; arr. Nickel, LarrySpaces In Between Us, TheSATBseculardetails
Glick, Srul IrvingButterfliesSATBseculardetails
Glick, Srul IrvingCelebrationSATBseculardetails
Glick, Srul IrvingNorthern SketchesSATBseculardetails
Glick, Srul IrvingRainbow Symphony (TS)SATBseculardetails
Glick, Srul IrvingSpringSATBseculardetails
Guastavino, CarlosChanarcito, Chanarcito (#3 Indianas)SATBseculardetails
Guastavino, CarlosGala Del Dia (#1 Indianas)SATBseculardetails
Guastavino, CarlosQuien Fuera Como El Jazmin (#2 Indianas)SATBseculardetails
Guastavino, CarlosUna De Dos (#6 Indianas)SATBseculardetails
Hall, RobertIn Flanders FieldsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Halley, PaulBailiff's Daughter, The (LSS)SATBseculardetails
Halley, PaulDespairing Lover, The (LSS)SATBseculardetails
Halley, PaulLover's Arithmetic, The (LSS)SATBseculardetails
Halley, PaulMaypole, The (LSS)SATBseculardetails
Halley, PaulSeeds of Love. The (LSS)SSAAseculardetails
Halley, PaulSoldier Won't You Marry Me (LSS)SATBseculardetails
Halley, PaulSong for CanadaSATB (unison)seculardetails
Harris, MatthewCome Away, Come Away DeathSATB (acap)seculardetails
Harris, MatthewTake, O Take Those Lips AwaySATB (acap)seculardetails
Harris, MatthewTell Me Where Is Fancy BredSATB (acap)seculardetails
Harris, MatthewUnder the Greenwood TreeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Healey, DerekGet to BedSATBseculardetails
Hemsworth, Wade; arr. Peach, EarleBlack Fly SongSATBseculardetails
Henderson, Ruth WatsonMary AnnSATBseculardetails
Hess, JulietIrish Airman Foresees His Death, AnSATBseculardetails
Holman, Derek (arr.)Deck the HallsSATBseculardetails
Holman, DerekLullabySATBseculardetails
Holman, DerekThe Withces' CharmSATBseculardetails
Homan, DerekWhat Hath Night to do with SleepSTABseculardetails
Hrusovsky, IvanRytmusSATB (acap)seculardetails
Kaplan, DavidThree Songs from WhitmanSATB (acap)seculardetails
Kodaly, ZoltanEvening SongSATB (acap)seculardetails
Koday, ZoltanInvocation of PeaceSATB (acap)seculardetails
Komulainen, JuhaniFour Ballads of ShakespeareSATB (acap)seculardetails
Lang, RupertEarth Teach MeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Lauridsen, MortenContre Qui, Rose (Les Chansons des Roses)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Lauridsen, MortenDe Ton Reve Trop Plein (Les Chansons des Roses)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Lauridsen, MortenDirait-on (Les Chansons des Roses)SATBseculardetails
Lauridsen, MortenEn Une Seule Fleur (Les Chanson des Roses)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Lauridsen, MortenLa Roses Complete (Les Chansons des Roses)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Lauridsen, MortenSure on This Shining NightSATBseculardetails
Levasseur-Ouimet, France; arr. Bevan, AllanParlez-moiSATBseculardetails
Lewis, BeverlyBlow, Blow, Thou Winter WindSSA (acap)seculardetails
Lewis, BeverlyFarewell! Thou Art Too Dear for My PossessingSSA (acap)seculardetails
Lewis, BeverlySome Say That Ever 'Gainst That Season ComesSSA (acap)seculardetails
Lewis, BeverlyTake, O Take Those Lips AwaySSA (acap)seculardetails
Lewis, BeverlyTell Me Where Is Fancy Bred?SSA (acap)seculardetails
Lightfoot, Gordon; arr. Nickel, LarryPussy Willows-Cat-TailsSSAseculardetails
Lindberg, NilsShall I Compare TheeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Loomer, Diane (arr.)O CanadaSATB (acap)seculardetails
Loomer, Diane (arr.)Frobisher BayTTBB (acap)seculardetails
Loomer, DianeYule-Tide FiresSATBseculardetails
Lund, GailThe Lesser Joys of ChristmasSATBseculardetails
Macdonald, DonTabula RasaSATB (acap)seculardetails
MacIntyre, DavidIn Flanders FieldsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Macleod, A.C.; arr. Smith, StephenSkye Boat SongSATBseculardetails
McCullough, DonaldWe Remember ThemSATBseculardetails
McCullough, RobertHolocaust CantataSATBseculardetails
McCutcheon J.; arr. Macdonald, D.Christmas in the TrenchesTTBBseculardetails
McIntyre, DavidSaskatchewanSATB (acap)seculardetails
McIntyre, DavidSonnets from the NurserySATB (acap)seculardetails
McIntyre, DavidThe Wounded CupidSATB (acap)seculardetails
McIntyre, DavidWhere You Begin L ike RiversSATBseculardetails
Mercure, PierreCantate Pour Une JoieSATBseculardetails
Miller, JonathanTickle, ASATB (a cap)seculardetails
Monteverdi C.Ecco Mormorar L'ondeSATB (acap)seculardetails
Mooney, David (arr.)Rakes of MallowSATB (acap)seculardetails
Mooney, David (arr.)Sally Gardens, TheSATB (acap)seculardetails
Morton, GraemeCrossing the BarSATB (acap)seculardetails
Mulholland, JamesBanks O' Doon, TheSATBseculardetails
Mulholland, JamesGreen Grow the RashesSATBseculardetails
Mulholland, JamesHighland MarySATBseculardetails
Mulholland, JamesRed, Red, Rose, ASATBseculardetails
Myers, NickJennySATB (acap)seculardetails
Nichols, KennethCremation of Sam M'Gee, TheSATBseculardetails
Nickel, Larry (arr.)A La Claire FontaineSATBseculardetails
Orban, GyorgyO,Mistress Mine!SATB (acap)seculardetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)Ah! si mon moine voulait danserSATBseculardetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)InnoriaSATBseculardetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)Morning StarSATB (acap)seculardetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)Savory, Sage, Rosemary and ThymeSATBseculardetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)The False Young ManSATBseculardetails
Patriquin, Donald (arr.)The Wreck of the Steamship EthieSATBseculardetails
Peterson, OscarHymn to FreedomSATBseculardetails
Poulenc, FrancisA peine defiguree (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Poulenc, FrancisBelle et resemblante (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Poulenc, FrancisLa Blance Neige (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Poulenc, FrancisLuire (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Poulenc, FrancisPar une nuit novelle (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Poulenc, FrancisTous les droits (Sept Chansons)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Puerling, Gene (arr.)Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, ASATB (acap)seculardetails
Purcell, HenryIn These Delightful Pleasant GrovesSATB (acap)seculardetails
Raminsh, ImantBye, Bye, BabySATBseculardetails
Raminsh, ImantI Turn to YouSATB (acap)seculardetails
Raminsh, ImantNootka Paddle SongSATB (acap)seculardetails
Raminsh, ImantSmile, O Voluptuous, Cool-Breath'd EarthSATBseculardetails
Raminsh, ImantSunset (A B.C. Cowboy's Lament)SATB (acap)seculardetails
Rhodenizer-Taylor, DonnaLove of the Sea, TheSATBseculardetails
Richard, GoffA Cycle Round BritainSATBseculardetails
Ridout, Godfrey (arr.)J'entends le moulinSATBseculardetails
Robertson, EricA Boat SongSATBseculardetails
Robertson, EricHo Ro, My Bonnie-haired MaidenSATBseculardetails
Robertson, EricMairi's WeddingSATBseculardetails
Robertson, EricMy Faithful Fair OneSATBseculardetails
Robinovitch, SidNoche de LluviaSATBseculardetails
Rogers, Stan; arr. Smail, RonMake and Break HarbourSATBseculardetails
Rutter, JohnIt Was a Lover and His LassSATB (acap)seculardetails
Saint-Saens, CamilleCalmes des nuitsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Saint-Saens, CamilleLes fleurs et les arbresSATB (acap)seculardetails
Sammes, MikeFor the FallenTTBBseculardetails
Schaefer, R. MurrayGamelanSATB (acap)seculardetails
Schickle, PeterConcerto for the 12 Months (Fall)SATBseculardetails
Schickle, PeterConcerto for the 12 Months (Prologue)SATBseculardetails
Schickle, PeterConcerto for the 12 Months (Spring)SATBseculardetails
Schickle, PeterConcerto for the 12 Months (Summer)SATBseculardetails
Schickle, PeterConcerto for the 12 Months (Winter)SATBseculardetails
Schroeder, Hermann (arr.)Shadows Are Falling, TheSATBseculardetails
Shearing, GeorgeSongs and SonnetsSATBseculardetails
Shearing, George (arr.)Who Is SylviaSATBseculardetails
Shearing,GeorgeMusic to HearSATBseculardetails
Sirett, MarkAuld Lang SyneSATBseculardetails
Sirett, MarkCe Beau PrintempsSATB (acap)seculardetails
Sirett, MarkThe Parting GlassSATB (acap)seculardetails
Smail, Ron (arr.)There's a Meetin' Here TonightTTBBseculardetails
Smith, Stephen (arr.)Ye Banks and BraesSATB (acap)seculardetails
Somers, HarryFeller From FortuneSATBseculardetails
Somers, HarryOld Mayflower, TheSATBseculardetails
Somers, HarrySi J'avais le BateauSATBseculardetails
Somers, HarryTwo Songs for the Coming of SpringSATB (acap)seculardetails
Starer, RobertLast Invocation, TheSATBseculardetails
Stroope, Randall Z.Amor de Mi AlmaSATBseculardetails
Stroope, Z. RandallHomageSATBseculardetails
Stroope, Z. RandallI Am Not YoursSATB (acap)seculardetails
Tavener, JohnSong for AtheneSATB (acap)seculardetails
Telfer, NancyMan Under the Bed, TheSATBseculardetails
Traditional; arr. Chilcott, BobThe Gift to be SimpleSATBseculardetails
Traditional; arr. Hallbert, BengtDomardansenSATBseculardetails
Vaughan WilliamsRestSSATB (acap)seculardetails
Vaughan WilliamsSix Songs to be Sung in Time of Warunisonseculardetails
Verdi, GiuseppeChorus of the Hebrew SlavesSATBseculardetails
Verdi, GiuseppeTriumphal MarchSATBseculardetails
Wallace, RussellThe GiftSATB (acap)seculardetails
Washburn, Jon (arr.)Stephen Foster MedleySATB (acap)seculardetails
Washburn, Jon (arr.)Stephen Foster MedleySATBseculardetails
Wearmouth, GraemeMagnetic NorthSATBseculardetails
Wertsch, NancyShakespeare SuiteSATB (acap)seculardetails
Whitacre, EricFive Hebrew Love SongsSATBseculardetails
Whitacre, EricSleepSATB (acap)seculardetails
Whitacre, EricThis MarriageSATB (acap)seculardetails
Whitacre, EricWater NightSATB(acap)seculardetails
Worthington, Trent (arr.)Soldier's CrySATB (acap)seculardetails
Young, Robert H.She Sat and Sang AlwaysSATB (acap)seculardetails
Young, Robert H.Sudden LightSATB (acap)seculardetails
Zwozdesky, Willi (arr.)The Last Rose of SummerSSAseculardetails
Zwozdesky, Willi (arr.)The Last Rose of SummerSATBseculardetails
Daley, EleanorAngels Will Guide You Home, TheSSAsecular/sacreddetails
Davies, Ivor R.Noah's Prayer (Prayers from the Ark)SATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Davies, Ivor R.Prayer of the Dove, TheSATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Davies, Ivor R.Prayer of the Little Bird, TheSATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Davies, Ivor R.Prayer of the Mouse, TheSATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Davies, Ivor R.Prayer of the Raven, TheSATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Davies, Ivor. R.Prayer of the Cat, TheSATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Downward, BrockLast Journey, TheSATBsecular/sacreddetails
Enns, LeonardPrairie NativitySATBsecular/sacreddetails
Rutter, JohnWhat Sweeter MusicSATBsecular/sacreddetails
Sirett, MarkOxen, TheSATBsecular/sacreddetails
Stroope, Randall Z.Caritas et AmorSATB (acap)secular/sacreddetails
Dickau, Davidin time of daffodilsSATB (acap)sesculardetails